So far there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but a leading Swedish dementia researcher has good hope for effective medication and a vaccine in a near future.  

Lars Lannfelt, Professor at Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Geriatrics, Geriatrics; Molecular Geriatrics/Rudbeck laboratory at Uppsala University and his research team are developing a new type of medication for Alzheimer’s patients.

  • I have great expectations. This is the first drug attacking the

basic cause of Alzheimer’s, the so called protofibrils, precursors to the fibrils. A clinical trial Phase III is presently running, including 1 500 patients in four centers, Uppsala, Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg.

  • Things take time. The drug now being clinically tested is based

on findings I made back in 1999, says Lars Lannfelt to COB Media.

The older we get, the greater the risk

The number of dementia patients in the world is estimated to reach 132 million in 2050, an increase of 300 percent from 47 million, according to a report from Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Source: Swedish Today’ s Medicine (DM) 2015-08-25.

Of the approximately 150 000 people who have a dementia illness in Sweden, the vast majority are older than 75. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, and accounts for 60 – 70 percent of all cases of dementia.

    Source: Swedish Dementia Center home page. (Svenskt Demenscentrum).

No voice

The dementia patients have up to now had a low status, partly due to lack of effective treatment. Dementia patients are not organized. They have no voice in the health care debate, unlike for example diabetics and cancer patients. Also, the Corona pandemic has further demonstrated the vulnerability of the dementia patients.

“Should be punishable.”

“To medicate a person with a dementia disease is as difficult as medicating a premature baby. But imagine that the health care system would treat an infant as ignorant as it treats elderly.”

Dr Yngve Gustafson, Professor em of Geriatrics, Umeå University, is of the opinion that elderly people are discriminated in Sweden. He is well known by the Swedish public as a fighter for better dementia health care. He is upset and critical of the poor treatment the dementia patients generally get. “Prescribing wrong drugs and drugs in too high doses is common.  Some prescriptions are made over the phone by doctors without even having examined the patient. That should be punishable.”     Source: Swedish Dementia Association’ s (Demensförbundet) home page.

Better tools

There is a need for “dementia tailored” products. When effective treatments are introduced, dementia awareness will increase, the medical profession and public will start requesting better products and methods, better information and communication systems.

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Mats Erasmie

Mats Erasmie

Chairman of the board Simplex Motion AB. Consultant in Leadership and Business Development, Erasmie&Erasmie AB.

Key Competence

Sales, Leadership as a part of a strategic changes.

  • MBA, International marketing, University of Stockholm.
  • Certified in Authentic Leadership,Transaction Analysis, Situational Leadership (SL II, Blanchard)
  • Certifed in Insight Discovery, Certifed in DISC
  • Consultant in Leadership and Business Development.
  • Erasmie&Erasmie AB.
  • Chairman of the board Simplex Motion AB.
  • Consultant at Booster Group AB, business development and negotiations.
  • Teacher at IHM, Market Analysis, Practical Marketing and Negotiations.
  • CEO, Chairman of the board and partner; Sällma AB.
  • Vice President Marketing & Sales, Consultant in Leadership and Business.
  • Development at Cordovan Performance Sweden AB.
  • CEO at Lucky Punk AB.

Books and training packages, marketing and sales, twelve in total since 1999

  • ”MED KUNDEN I FOKUS”, Liber Ekonomi 2000
  • ”KUNDRELATIONEN”, Liber Ekonomi 2001
  • ”FÖRSÄLJNING OCH SERVICE”, Liber Ekonomi 2003
  • ”PERSONLIG FÖRSÄLJNING 1”, Liber Ekonomi 2012
  • ”PERSONLIG FÖRSÄLJNING 2”, Liber Ekonomi 2014
  • ”Dödskaravanen”, Historical novel, 2018
  • ”Silverfloden”, Historical novel, 2019
  • Various articles in the magazines Ledarskap, Affärsvärlden and Dagens Industri.

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Pontus Bergman

Valdet Hetemi

Head of Operation & Logistics

Key Competence

Over 17 years of experience within the Pharmaceutical industry; Rx, Medical Devices, Metabolic Diseases, OTC, Logistics and Supply Chain, Business Strategy, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Start-Ups.

  • Education: Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Lund and University of Cologne.
  • Head of Operations at POA Pharma Scandinavia AB, Country Manager Sweden at Vitaflo Scandinavia AB/ Navamedic AB, Finance Manager at Vitaflo Scandinavia AB/Navamedic AB.

Ingvar Bosaeus

Martin Svahn

RP& Pharmacist

Key Competence

Martin Svahn is a licensed pharmacist and pharmacy manager.


Licensed Pharmacist at the Universitet of Uppsala, Magisterthesis at the Departement of Anaesthesiology,,University of Uppsala. Master's Program in Clinical Pharmacy University of Uppsakla.

  • Start-up of a new privately owned pharmacy. . Worked in 2013 at K3 as GSST, Since 2014 pharmacy manager at three pharmacies with responsibility for 13-20 employees and an annual turnover of 80 million. "Cluster manager" for Kronan's pharmacy Halland.
Mats Erasmie

Andreas Larsson

Finance Manager

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Experience within the Pharmaceutical industry Rx, Medical Devices, Metabolic Diseases and OTC regarding Accounting and Finance Strategy, Financial reporting, Business Development and Logistical support

  • Master of Aeronautical Science at the University of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a degree at the KY academy of finance and accounting at Studium in Gothenburg.
  • Accounting manager at POA Pharma Scandinavia AB, POA Pharma North America and Adrian & Partners AB.

Pontus Bergman

Pontus Bergman

PB Lawyer, founder of Bergman & Eek Advokat AB.

Key Competence

Principal felds of practice are strategically planning for privately owned companies regarding all legal and economical matters. Special focus on developing and establishing new companies or activities abroad, including international tax law for companies and employees.

  • Education: Master of Law from University in Lund
  • Partner at Setterwalls Law Firm
  • Member of the board of POA Pharma AB and in several Swedish privately-own companies.

Tina Madsen Sandström

Tina Madsen Sandström


Key Competence

Over 35 years experience within the international Pharmaceutical industry Rx, Medical Devises, OTC and   Rare Metabolic Diseases. Administration, Leadership, , Licenses & Acquisitions, Start-ups Development, Development, Management, Leadership.



Merkonom, Educated at Hillerød Business School

  • Managing Director for Pharma-Vinci A/S, Member of the branch organisation BFID
  • CEO Vitafo Scandinavia AB
  • CEO POA Pharma Scandinavia AB
  • Director of the board Vitafo Scandinavia AB
  • Director of the board POA Consulting AB
  • Director of the board POA Pharma Scandinavia AB
Roland Sandström

Roland Sandström


Key Competence

45 years experience within the international Pharmaceutical industry Rx, Medical Devices, Metabolic Diseases, OTC. Commercial Strategy, Business Development, License & Acquisitions, Start-ups Development,Management, Organisation Theory.


Master of Political Science at the University of Lund

  • Managing Director Meda Sweden
  • Board member of LSAB and LIF
  • COB Vitafo Scandinavia AB
  • Director of the board Navamedic
  • COB POA Consulting Scandinavia AB
  • COB POA Pharmas Scandinavia AB
  • COB POA Pharma North America
  • Kunden som Kompis (Customer as a Pal)
  • Articles around Project work, organisation theory and marketing
  • Lectures and abstract publications at IPMA in Paris and Ljubljana